count the number of lines in text data with sfk count for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk count [-same[lines] infile

count total number of text lines, or group identical
text lines, counting the number of occurences per line.

may read chain text from a previous command,
or text lines from a given input filename.
lines larger than 4096 characters are hard wrapped.

   -samelines  count number of occurences per line, then
               prefix lines by TAB separated counter.
   -digits=n   with -samelines, change no. of counter digits
   -case       case sensitive text comparison

see also
   sfk filter  with -unique, to strip duplicate lines.
   sfk view    a GUI tool that can filter text just by
               typing or clicking on a word, telling
               the number of result lines instantly.

web reference

   sfk count in.txt
      tell number of lines in file in.txt
   sfk filter words.txt +count -same -digits=10
      tell how often each line occurs in words.txt,
      and format the occurence counter with 10 digits.
   sfk -var filter in.txt +setvar a +count +setvar n
    +for i from 5 to #(n) +getvar -numline=#(i) a +endfor
      stores in.txt in variable a, the number of lines
      in variable n, then prints line 5 to end.