Convert comma separated .CSV text files to plain tab separated text with the free Swiss File Knife for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk csvtotab infile.csv [options]

convert csv data to plain tab separated.

default input/output format
- input fields are separated by a comma ","
- input fields can be surrounded by double quotes "
  and may contain escaped double quotes as ""
- output fields are separated by TAB characters
- surrounding quotes are stripped, and escaped
  quotes are reduced to normal quotes
- if input contains any TABs they are changed to
  a single blank character
- input fields cannot contain line breaks

  -tofile x     write output to file x
  -insep="x"    set input separator to character x
                e.g. ; or \t
  -outsep="x"   change output separator
  -quote="x"    change quote character, e.g. \x27
                uses single quote.
  -tabrep="x"   change tab replacement character

see also
  sfk ascii     list of ASCII codes for characters
  sfk tabtocsv  further conversion examples

web reference

  sfk csvtotab in.csv -tofile out.txt
     convert to tab separated out.txt
  sfk filter in.csv -+foo +csvtotab
     convert only lines with word "foo"
  sfk csvtotab in.csv +filter "-![warning]"
     drop all lines with [warning] from output
  sfk csvtotab in.csv +view -tab 10
     view in.csv in Depeche View for convenient browse
     and search of contents, with a tab size of 10.
     Within DView press Ctrl+Tab to change tab size
     in small steps, or Ctrl+Shift+Tab for large tabs.