Find out which other files a file uses (depends on) through fuzzy content analysis, with the free sfk deplist command for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk deplist [-flat] -dir srcdir [-file ...] -dir targdir [-file ...]
sfk deplist [-flat] singleSourceFile -dir targdir [tdir2 tdir3] [-file ...]

list possible dependencies between files through (fuzzy) string analysis.
find out on which target files the specified source files depend.

a list of target files is created from directory targdir. then all source
files are loaded from srcdir, and scanned if the names of the targets appear
within their content. if so, the sources are listed with their dependencies.

by default, deplist also checks which targdir files depend on other targdir
files (recursive dependencies), resulting in more complete listings.
specify -flat to disable recursive checks.

if you specify just a singleSourceFile name, the source name is NOT included
in the output (unless -incsrc specified), and the filename list can be used
by subsequent (chained) commands.

NOTE: you may specify any number of target directories. if your list of
target directories is incomplete, files from there will NOT be found.

by default, only relative target filenames are searched, without path,
but including the file name extension.

                e.g. the target file: the/path/foosys.dll
                   runs a search for: foosys.dll
                 in the source files.

   -path        search target filenames including path information.
                e.g. the target file: the/path/foosys.dll
                   runs a search for: the/path/foosys.dll
   -noext       strip .extensions from filenames, compare only basename.
                e.g. the target file: the/path/foosys.dll
                   runs a search for: foosys
                which may lead to ambiguities, listing too many hits.
                -noext can also be combined with -path.
   -case        force case sensitive string comparison (not default).
   -quiet       do not print the number of source and target files.
   -relnames    if using -path, strip targdir name from target paths
                for comparison.
   -flat        do not check if target files depend on other target files.
                set this to improve speed, if you know that such
                dependencies cannot exist, e.g. if the targets are .wav files.
   -memlimit=n  load and analyze only files with a size up to n mbytes.
                the default load limit is 300 mbytes.

see also
   sfk reflist  list file references.

web reference

   sfk deplist -dir bin -file .exe -dir lib1 lib2 lib3 -file .dll
      create a list of all .exe files in bin, and the dlls they depend on,
      searching for dlls in lib1, lib2 and lib3 directories.

   sfk deplist bin\diff.exe -dir bin -file .dll +run "copy $file tmp"
      find out which .dlls are used by diff.exe, and copy them to tmp.

   sfk deplist -relnames -case -path -noext -dir classes -dir classes
      find dependencies between java .class files. -path uses path infos,
      -noext strips ".class", -case keeps the capital letters within names.
      -relnames strips "classes/" from target names for comparison.

   sfk deplist -flat -dir . -file .flp -dir . -file .wav
      within a FruityLoops project directory lists which .flp project
      files are using which .wav files of that directory. note that
      .wav files cannot "use" other .wav files, therefore -flat was set
      to avoid recursive target checks, speeding up the search.