Find files by parts of their filename quickly by typing a very short command in the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux command line.

sfk filefind [or ff] pattern [pattern2 !pattern3 ...] [opts]

easy file name finder for the current directory tree.
if you remember any words of a filename, or its path,
type "sfk ff " and the words to find matching filenames.
to type even less, try "sfk :" followed by the first word,
without blank: "sfk :word1 word2 ..."

- searches the current directory "." and all subdirectories.
- the full filename paths, including relative filenames,
  are compared (not just the relative filenames).
- the patterns are AND combined (not OR as with list),
  meaning that ALL given patterns must appear in a path
  to have it listed. the pattern sequence is ignored.
- options may appear anywhere.
- exclude patterns starting with ! are also supported.

   -time      list also file times.
   -size[=n]  show size of files [n characters wide]
   -kbytes    or -kb lists sizes in kbytes instead of bytes
   -mbytes    or -gbytes lists sizes in mbytes or gbytes
   -kbpure    list without "kb" postfix
   -arc   include .zip .jar .tar etc. archive contents.

chaining support
   output chaining is supported.

web reference

   sfk filefind foo bar !save
      lists all files in the current directory tree having both
      foo and bar in their path+filename, regardless of sequence.
      files having "save" in their path (or name) are excluded.

   sfk ff foo*bar thing +fview
      similar to the above, lists all files having bar AFTER foo
      in their path+filename. thing must also be present.
      resulting files are loaded and shown in Depeche View.

   sfk :.pdf
      list all .pdf files down somewhere in the directory tree.

   sfk :debug*.o +del
      delete all debug executables in the current directory tree.
see also:
   sfk list dirname filenamepattern ...
   sfk list dirname +filter -+pattern1 -+pattern2 ...