Print incoming UDP messages as hex dump or plain text on the command line with the free Swiss File Knife for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk fromnet [port] [options]

receive network text sent by sfk tolog or tonetlog.

if a port number is given, it is used to receive text
instead of the default UDP port 21323.

   -raw   do not cache text lines without linefeed
          but print them to terminal immediately.
          default is to wait for a linefeed, to join
          large lines split across multiple messages.
   -timeout=n   wait up to n msec for input, then continue
                with next chain command, if any. default
                since sfk 1.8.8 is to wait endless if no
                input is received.
   -nowait      with command chaining, always go to next
                command even without any input
   -port=n      to specify receive port by option

chaining support
   cannot not use chain input data.

see also
   sfk netlog   - how to send SFK network text
   sfk udpdump  - print raw udp data immediately

   A recommended GUI tool to view and filter network text
   is Depeche View. Type sfk getdv to download, then run
   the tool by dview -net for instant net text display.
   It runs with Windows, and on Linux/Mac using WINE.

web reference

   sfk fromnet
     wait for incoming text and print it to terminal.

   sfk fromnet +filter -high red error +loop
     highlight errors in red in the incoming text.

   sfk echo "waiting ..." +fromnet 5000
     prints a message then waits for text on port 5000.
     to send text on the same machine use:
       sfk echo "hello" +tonetlog localhost:5000