show your machine's ip address instantly with sfk ip for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk ip [shortip] [-help], sfk ownips [-help]

list the current machines ip address(es),
or expand a short ip for use in further commands.
a short ip can be given like 100, .100, .2.100

   -first  show just the first ip of all ips
           which are not localhost.
           default since sfk is to
           show all ip's, if not filtered by
           environment variables (see below)
   -all    show all ip's, ignoring any given
           environment variable

environment variables
   multiple network interfaces will display
   multiple ip's. to filter or predefine the
   output of 'sfk ip' you can use:

   set SFK_OWN_NET=192.168.1
      to define your preferred subnet.
      e.g. if your computer has ip's
      then 'sfk ip' will select the 2nd address.

   set SFK_OWN_IP=
      to define your machine's IP manually,
      for calls to 'sfk ip' within batch files.

chaining support
   output chaining is supported.

web reference

   sfk ip
      list own machine's list of ip's,
      possibly filtered by environment variables.

   sfk ip -all
      list own machine's list of ip's
      ignoring any environment variable.

   sfk ip 100 +run "putty user@#text"
      expand short ip to if own
      machine is within a subnet 192.168.1