join files splitted by sfk split with sfk join for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk join inputfile.part1 [outputfilebase] [-test]
sfk sel ... +fjoin outputfile

join many input files into one output file. input files.

with join
- filenames must end like .part1, .part001 etc.
- if outputfilebase is omitted, outputfilename is just
  like inputfile, but without the ".part1" extension.

with fjoin
- accepts any input list of input filenames.
- output filename must be given.

   -test   does not really join the files, but reads all
           input files, telling the overall md5 checksum.
           join -test is recommended after every "sfk split"
           command, to verify if the splitted files are ok
           and can be rejoined.
   -force  if the output file exists already, overwrite it
           without asking back.

see also
   sfk split   split large files into smaller ones
   sfk snapto  join text files into one document

web reference

   sfk join d:\transfer\easy.avi.part1 e:\full.avi
      joins easy.avi.part1, .part2 etc. into full.avi

   sfk join -test d:\transfer\easy.avi.part1
      simulates joining (does not write any output file),
      and tells if the input files are ok, by checksum.

   sfk sel in1.dat in2.dat in3.dat +fjoin out.dat
      join 3 files in the given sequence