Join the splitted text lines of email or other text into a longer, easy-to-read format with a free open source command line tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

if you received an email with a text like this:

The result of leveraging enormous amounts of vapourware within the sco
pe of the 1st quarter should lead to an immense return on investment i
nside the global enterprise whatever. Concerning the shareholder value
 returning on investments it is essential that no only those who have
related to, now i forgot how the sentence was starting. in any way, th
is text was obvioulsy truncated by some mail client at a random column
 and we really hope that it can be turned into a stream text again by
use of the sfk text-join-lines function.

then either the sender's or your email client split the text lines,
making the text hard to read. now do this:

-  mark the whole text in your email client.

-  press CTRL+INSERT or CTRL+C to copy it into clipboard.

-  in a command shell, run a simple text editor, e.g. type:



-  save the text, e.g. under the name a1.txt

-  in the command shell, say

sfk text-join-lines a1.txt a2.txt

-  sfk will auto-detect the colum at which the lines were broken,
paste them together, and write the result to a2.txt.