tell the maximum length of lines in text data with sfk linelen for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk linelen [options]
sfk strlen phrase

tell the length of text lines supplied via stdin
or through command chaining, or tell the length
of a single string.

the result is printed to terminal, and supplied
as a return code to the command shell.

"sfk strlen" does not accept any options,
allowing to supply a string starting with "-".

   -i         read lines from standard input,
              tell the longest line length.
   -min       tell the minimum, not the maximum length.
   -minmax    tell both min and max length.
   -verbose   tell minmax, line numbers and line text.
              you may also type -all or -ver
   -quiet     do not print anything to terminal,
              just provide the shell return code.

   if the input contains stream text, i.e. text where
   linefeeds are used only for paragraphs (not lines),
   the result will be a paragraph length, and it can be
   completely wrong if there are paragraphs longer than
   4000 characters approx.

web reference

   sfk strlen "foo bar"
      results in a string length of 7.

   sfk filter foo.txt +linelen -all
      list the shortest and longest line of foo.txt

   Windows batch: expand short parameter
      sfk strlen "%1"
         set TARGET=192.168.2.%1
      ) ELSE (
         set TARGET=%1
      echo "using: %TARGET%"