Print all kinds of representations of a given number as hexadecimal, decimal, big endian, little endian, binary, ASCII and 4-byte IP format with sfk number on the command line for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk num[bers] [options] n1 [0xn2 0bn3 ...]

print associated numbers in all kinds of formats,
like decimal, hexadecimal, binary and ASCII chars
and in little endian format.

accepted parameter formats
    1234           a decimal number
    0x1234         a hexadecimal number
    0b1101         a binary number   four decimal numbers
                   joined as one 32 bit value
    0b1101.0110    two binary numbers
                   joined as one value
    fe237801       hex number (auto detected)
    0tfe23         4 ASCII chars "fe23"

   -hex      all given numbers are hexadecimal
   -nocol    print without colors
   -single   don't show little endian format
   -show x   print just a single format of:
             dec   hex   ip   bin
             decle hexle iple binle
   -small    convert little endian for numbers
             below 65536 as 16 bits. default is
             to convert all as 32 bits.
   -noneg    do not show negative numbers.

see also
   sfk hex   convert decimal to hex
   sfk dec   convert hexadecimal to decimal

web reference

   sfk num 0x48454C4F
      prints all representations of hex value 0x48454C4F
   sfk num -2
      prints all forms of 32-bit signed value -2
   sfk num -show hexle 317705643
      prints ABCDEF12, the little endian hex value

example output for: sfk num 1048576
0x00100000 1048576 00000000000100000000000000000000 .... 0x00001000 4096 00000000000000000001000000000000 ....
example output for: sfk num
0xC0A80164 3232235876 11000000101010000000000101100100 ...d 0x6401A8C0 1677830336 01100100000000011010100011000000 d...
example output for "sfk num WORD" or "sfk num 0x574F5244"
0x574F5244 1464816196 01010111010011110101001001000100 WORD 0x44524F57 1146244951 01000100010100100100111101010111 DROW