Find out from where in the PATH a command is loaded.

sometimes you type a command, e.g. "make", and wonder that it
behaves totally unexpected. maybe you have several versions of the
command, from different software packages, within your PATH...
and according to murphy's laws, you run the wrong version, of course.

but from where within the PATH is it loaded? just type

   sfk pathfind yourcommand.exe

to find out. for example:

   sfk pathfind make.exe
   => d:\tools\msys\bin\make.exe

in this example, you see that make.exe is loaded from
d:\tools\msys\bin\make.exe. should there be another make.exe
further down in the path, then it is ignored. you may also say
"sfk where", which is the same, but shorter to type:

   sfk where zip.exe
   => c:\program files\cygwin\bin\zip.exe

windows users may even leave out the file extension:

   sfk where foobar

in this case, sfk finds all files with the specified base name,
having one of the extensions from the PATHEXT environment variable.
for example:


see also

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