extract strings from binary files with sfk strings for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk strings [-wrapbin=n] filename

extract strings from a binary file. resulting text lines are split
at column 80 by default, which can be changed by -wrapbin or -wrap.

  -allchars   extract all printable characters, like accents or
              non latin characters. default is to extract only
              latin characters of the lower ASCII code range.

see also
  sfk hexfind  search strings in files with hexdump output.
  dview        the text file browser Depeche View can also
     load binary files and display extracted text contents.
     For example, dview foo.exe will show strings from a single
     file, and dview -allbin mydir loads all text and binary
     files from folder mydir. type "sfk view" for more.

web reference

   sfk strings test.exe +filter -+VersionInfo