print the current date and time with sfk time, or run a clock showing absolute and relative time permanently with sfk clock for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk time [options] [format]
sfk clock[2]

prints the current date and time, or shows
a clock with absolute and relative time.

   Y = year
   M = month
   D = day
   h = hour
   m = minute
   s = second
   any other char is passed through.
   default format is YMDhms.

   -nice      print format Y-M-D h:m:s
   -spat      support slash patterns \t etc.
   -from n    print unix timestamp n as human readable time.
   -strfpat   use alternative formats chars as defined by
              the strftime c function (but without %).

   sfk date       show just the date
   sfk clock2     show just a relative time
   sfk clock3     also shows overall start time
                  and (on Enter) a second column with
                  relative time since overall start

interactive control
   press Enter while displaying sfk clock
   to reset the relative time.

chaining support
   cannot use chain input data.

see also
   sfk unixtime   prints the unix timestamp
   sfk sleep      delay execution for some time

web reference

   sfk time -spat "Y-M-D\th:m:s" +filt -tabform "$col2 $col1"
      prints 2011-06-16 06:17:31 to terminal,
      with a tab character between date and time,
      post processing the output by sfk filter.
   sfk clock
      permanently show absolute and relative time.