How to check instantly for new SFK features or bug fixes on the command line, without the need to open a web browser, with the sfk update command.

sfk update [-get]

check for SFK updates.

   -get  download update
----- example output: -----
Latest version available: 1.8.1
added support for sfk variables, allowing to store data from a command and
- ADD: sfk variables. type "sfk help var" for infos. allows to store data 
- ADD: sfk perline, run sfk commands per text input line. similar to sfk r
- CHG: Syntax Change: sfk call, if: no longer clears chain text after comm
- CHG: Syntax Change: sfk echo ... +call +xex no longer passes text of ech
- CHG: Syntax Change: sfk gettext output changed with text produced by sto
- add: sfk samp http, create an example script for web access automation.
- add: sfk xed, xex, xreplace, simple expressions: [setvar name]...[endvar
- add: sfk xed, simple expressions: keyword [ortext] to search literals OR
- add: sfk xed, simple expressions: keyword [keep] to search text that sho
- add: sfk echo -lines to print every string as one line.
- add: sfk xed: option -firsthit to use only first matching result.
- add: sfk filter: option -line=n to read nth line from input.
- add: sfk web: option -showreq, similar to -status.
- add: sfk find: option -head=n to read only n lines.
- add: sfk batch, alias of sfk samp sfkbat. may also create .sh files unde
- add: sfk xf, alias for xmlform.
- fix: command chaining: unexpected drop of data when chaining to echo, fr
- add: command chaining: +tcall to consume text data and +tend to return t
- fix: sfk script -from begin: if script contained a label begin2 this was
- chg: sfk xex, xed: improved help examples, separate examples for xex and
- chg: sfk samp sfkbat, sfkbash now use %0 or $0 instead of the script fil
- chg: Simple Expressions: now support zero length tokens like in "/[start
- chg: sfk samp: path now allowed in output file with some language types.
- add: sfk xex, xed: option -justrc to just set return code without printi
- add: sfk ... +tovoid to drop current chain text.
- add: sfk stop: optional text to print, info on rc 9 to stop a script fro
- add: sfk call: improved help text.
- FIX: sfk script, call: missing parameters produced errors or even crashe
- fix: sfk ... +run was blocked with http:// url's.
- fix: sfk web -status=... +xex didn't work.
- fix: sfk echo: quoted multi line parms output contained unwanted CR char
- fix: sfk web: always produced rc 9.
- fix: run -stoprc: did not work in a script.
- fix: script: +if ... stop -all didn't work, as "if" misinterpreted optio
- fix: script: +stop no longer requires +then stop.
- fix: gettext: missing linefeeds on terminal output after multiple storet
- fix: sfk version -own +filter didn't work.
- fix: expression part info didn't show # chars.
- chg: sfk samp sfkbat, sfkbash new templates.
- add: sfk knxsend: support for alternative IP group, send of search reque
- add: sfk knxdump: option -verbose to print search response verbosely.
- doc: extended echo help.
- doc: reworked help for sfk script.
- doc: help text for sfk then.
Additional infos:
- Depeche View now also supports http:// text loading.
A newer version of SFK is available.
Add option -get to download from: