convert UTF-8 to Ansi text, on the Windows command line with the free Open Source tool Swiss File Knife.

sfk utoa [infile]

convert UTF-8 to Ansi text. only characters
contained in the current codepage can be converted.

  -nostop      if some chars cannot be converted
               then do not stop, show no warning,
               set return code 1 instead of 9.
  -tofile x    write output to file x
  -i           read from stdin
  -codepage=n  change codepage. for details
               type: sfk listcodes
  -showfail    tell which unicode characters
               failed to convert
  -justfail    show only the failed codes
               but no output text

command chaining support
   accepts text or binary from a previous command.

return code
   0 = ok, all characters converted.
   if conversion is incomplete:
   default: rc 9, chaining stops.
   -nostop: rc 1.

  sfk utftoansi    same as utoa
  sfk listcodes    list available characters
                   of your Ansi codepage

see also
  sfk atou    convert Ansi to UTF-8

  sfk utoa inutf.txt
    convert utf to ansi and print to terminal.
  sfk load inutf.txt +utoa
    convert chain text.
  type inutf.txt | sfk utoa -i
    use sfk as a filter in a batch
  sfk utoa inutf.txt -tofile out.txt
   +if "rc<>0" stop 9 "failed to convert"
   +tell "conversion done"
    within an sfk script: stop if the input text
    contains chars that cannot be converted.
  sfk utoa inutf.txt
    in a windows batch file: jump to label Error01
    if input fails to convert to Ansi.