convert UCS-2 encoded text with 16-bit characters into UTF-8, on the command line with sfk for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

sfk wtou in.txt
sfk load in.txt +iwtou

convert UCS-2 encoded text with 16-bit characters
into 8-bit characters encoded as UTF-8.

  -tofile x  write output to file x
  -nobom     write no BOM header
  -codes     print character codes
  -be        big endian input
  -le        little endian input
  -showfail  tell which unicode characters
             failed to convert

command chaining support
  wtou    uses no chaining input.
  iwtou   uses binary input from
          previous commands like xed.

  sfk ucstoutf    same as wtou
  sfk iucstoutf   same as iwtou

see also
  sfk utow   UTF-8 to wide chars
  sfk wtoa   wide chars to Ansi

  sfk wtou in.txt
    if in.txt contains wide character data
    print this as UTF-8 text to terminal.
  sfk load in.txt +iwtou
    the same, by command chaining. note that
    only iwtou accepts chain input data.
  sfk wtou in.txt -tofile out.txt
    write UTF-8 output to out.txt.
  sfk list mydir .txt +perline "wtou $qtext"
    if all .txt files in mydir use wide chars
    then print them to terminal as UTF-8.