List the contents of all .zip, .jar, .ear, .war, .aar, .tar, .tar.gz, tar.bz2 and .tgz files in a folder and all subfolders, including archives nested within other archives, with the free Swiss File Knife tool for the Windows, Intel Mac OS X and Linux command line. Fully portable, no installation.

Download the free Swiss File Knife, then type for example:
   sfk -arc list mydir
this command will list which may produce a long list of very long SFK style filenames, looking like

(under Windows)

(under Linux)

In this example, there is an intro.html within a docs.jar, within a tools.jar, within, within the mydir directory tree.

more examples:

   sfk -arc list -dir mydir *.jar -file .class

  list only .class files within .jar files within mydir (Linux users type "%" instead of "*"). this example for the Windows command line uses a path mask ".jar" which is identified by a wildcard "*". under Linux, such wildcards are misinterpreted by the shell, therefore "\*" or "%" must be used instead.

   sfk -arc list -dir foo bar *.ear !*\depr -file .class

  list only .class files within .ear files within the foo and bar directory tree, however excluding any files within directories named like "depr". (Linux users type ":" instead of "!")

   sfk list -arc

  list everything within the eclipse SDK, in total over 70000 files.

   sfk -arc list -big .java

  what are the biggest .java source files within the eclipse SDK? the result:

281535\\eclipse\plugins \org.eclipse.jdt.core.source_3.4.0.v_874.jar\\org\eclipse \jdt\internal\compiler\problem\
286523\\eclipse\plugins \org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86.source_3.4.0.v3448f.jar\\org \eclipse\swt\custom\
356264\\eclipse\plugins \org.eclipse.jdt.core.source_3.4.0.v_874.jar\\org\eclipse \jdt\internal\compiler\
388268\\eclipse\plugins \org.eclipse.jdt.core.source_3.4.0.v_874.jar\\org\eclipse \jdt\internal\codeassist\
393718\\eclipse\plugins \org.eclipse.jdt.core.source_3.4.0.v_874.jar\\org\eclipse \jdt\internal\compiler\parser\

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