Tell modification, access and creation time of files on the command line with a free tool for Windows, Linux and Macintosh."

sfk filetime [opts] filename

print times available for a file or directory.

main options
   -mtime    print modification time (default)
   -atime    print access time
   -all      print all available times
   -utc      UTC/GMT instead of local time
   -flat     print times like 20130413 065127
   -flat2    print times like 20130413065127
   -tab      separate output by TAB characters
   -full     full technical view with all times,
             utc, unix and windows timestamps
   -noname   do not print filename in output

   sfk dirtime  list times of a single dir
              without contained files or dirs

see also
   sfk touch  change times of a file
   sfk list   list files with time and size

web reference

   sfk filetime myfile.txt
      print modification time for myfile.txt

   sfk dirtime mydir
      print time just of mydir, without any
      contained files or sub folders

   sfk filetime -all myfile.txt
      print all times for myfile.txt

   sfk filetime -full myfile.txt
      print all times as local, utc and
      internal system timestamp values.

   sfk filetime -all -tab -flat2 mydir .txt
      list modify, access and creation time for
      all .txt files in folder mydir as tab
      separated data, with each date and time
      combined as a flat timestamp.

   sfk filetime -withdirs mydir
      also show times of sub directories
      contained in mydir

   sfk filetime -full -justdirs mydir
      show all time infos, only of sub dirs
      within mydir, but not of files
example outputs

  sfk filetime readme.txt

      2013-04-20 07:40:53 readme.txt

      just tells the modification time in human readable format.

  sfk filetime -all readme.txt

      mtime 2013-04-20 07:40:53, atime 2012-06-03 23:21:16,
         ctime 2012-06-16 07:21:49, readme.txt

      tells all available times (actually printed in one line). 
      under windows, these are modification, access and creation time. 
      under linux, just modification and access time will be listed.

  sfk filetime -full readme.txt

      mtime: 2013-04-20 07:40:53, 05:40:53 utc, 1366436453 sec, 
                  130109100530068241 wft, readme.txt
      atime: 2012-06-03 23:21:16, 21:21:16 utc, 1338758476 sec, 
                  129832320760000000 wft, readme.txt
      ctime: 2012-06-16 07:21:49, 05:21:49 utc, 1339824109 sec, 
                  129842977095804622 wft, readme.txt

      shows the full technical view: humand readable local time,
      UTC/GMT time, linux seconds since 1970, windows file time
      (number of 100 nanosecond units since 1601).
      above output is wrapped, actually it's just 3 lines.

  sfk select testfiles .txt +filetime -mtime -atime -tab -flat2

      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\02-crlf.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\03-native-tab-lf.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\04-lf.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\05-split-text.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\07-filter-src.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\08-head-tail.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\10-dir-list.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\11-wide-line.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\12-foo-jam.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\13-eof-null.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\14-all-codes.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\15-float-text.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\16-short-words.txt
      20100117230648  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\20-tab-data-line.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\21-patch-bin.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\23-filt-patterns.txt
      20090122204944  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\24-line-blocks.txt
      20100117230838  20111031010000  testfiles\Formats\34-csv-data-lines.txt
      20110918072644  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\.myscm\root.txt
      20110918072644  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\.myscm.bak\root.txt
      20110918094744  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\myscm-use.txt
      20110918072658  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\tmp\trash1.txt
      20110918072702  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\tmp\trash2.txt
      20110918072706  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\tmp\trash3.txt
      20110918072722  20111031010000  testfiles\myproj\tools\.myscm\sub1.txt
      20100128230842  20111031010000  testfiles\readme.txt

      list all modification and access times of all .txt files,
      in directory testfiles, as TAB separated table data,
      with compact date/time stamps, suitable e.g. for import
      in excel as .csv data.