Change modification, access and creation time of one or many files within a directory tree, with a free command line tool for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

sfk touch [-date n] [opts] file
sfk touch -from srcfile [opts] file

change date and time of file(s) or directories.
if just a file- or directory name is given then
the access and modification time is set to the
current time. with SFK for windows, creation time
is not changed by default.

   -force   create empty file if it doesn't exist
   -date n  set file date/time to this value
            given like  YYYYMMDDhhmmss,
            for example 20130412063015.
            year 2038 and further may work only
            with newer file systems like NTFS.
            NTFS second fractions are set to 0
            unless option -nsec is given.
   -nsec n  specify nanoseconds part for -date
            as a 9 digit number. the last 2 digits
            are not used and should be 00.
   -from f  copy file date/time from another file
   -atime   change only access time
   -mtime   change only modification time
   -ctime   change only creation time (Windows only)
   -full    set or copy atime, mtime and ctime
   -copyctom  do not use current time but copy every
            file's creation time into mod. time.
            may also use -copymtoc, -copyctoa etc.

command chaining support
   multiple files can be touched through chaining:
   sfk select mydir .ext +touch ...

see also
   sfk filetime   print times of a file

web reference

   sfk touch foo.txt
      sets access and modification time of foo.txt
      to the current time.

   sfk touch -date 20130412063015 foo.txt
      sets access and modification time of foo.txt
      to 12-Apr-2013 at 06:30:15.

   sfk touch -from src.txt myfile.txt
      reads access and modification time of src.txt
      and copies it to myfile.txt

   sfk select mydir .cpp .hpp +touch
      touch all .cpp and .hpp files from mydir.

   sfk sel -withdirs mydir +touch
      touch all files of mydir and mydir itself.

   sfk select -justdirs mydir +touch -copyctom
      for folder mydir itself, and all sub folders
      therein, copy creation time to modification
      time, leaving files unchanged. to view times
      use: sfk filetime -full -justdirs mydir